Mr Black Bean Sauce

Black bean sauce is an iconic Asian condiment that originates in China. It is made from fermenting black, salted soybeans, also known as ‘turtle beans’. This fermented soybean, called ‘douchi’ in Chinese transforms into a delicate and delicious paste that can be used as a base for sauces. There are countless black bean recipes out there, including black bean noodles, black bean with rice, black bean soups, even black bean burgers! Such a range of possible recipes makes black bean sauce a versatile and dymanic kitchen condiment.


These fermented black soy beans are the oldest known food to be made from soy beans and date back to 165 BC. They were found in a Han tomb in South Central China that was opened in 1972.

What Can I Eat it With?

Black bean sauce it a great base for any noodle or rice dish. You can basically just stick all of your vegetables and meat into a pan with the sauce and serve with rice or noodles. Just like this.

Health Benefits of Black Bean

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You might be surprised to hear that there are some very attractive health benefits of eating black bean, lets take a look at some of them here!

  • Lowering Blood Pressure
  • Maintaining Health Bones
  • Heart Disease Prevention
  • Cancer Prevention
  • Improving Digestion

Black bean sauce is a versatile kitchen condiment with a rich history and some very desirable health benefits. Having it as a regular part of your diet not only adds another great cultural and delicious dish to your cookery repertoire, it also contributes to a balanced and healthy diet.

Mr Curry Black Bean Sauce

Our Black Bean Sauce is the product of a very careful, thoughtfully crafted cooking process. We only use the finest black beans alongside other ingredients of superior quality. Each pot is cooked with taste and authenticity in mind to give customers the chance to taste the iconic Asian flavour of black bean.

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