Mr Curry’s Spice Shakes

Our Spice Bag Shakes offer you an opportunity to recreate Asian flavour in your own kitchen, with basically no effort at all. These gluten-free, vegan-friendly condiments combine the familiar spicy-saltiness that we associate with Asian dishes.

How Should I Use It?

Just a little goes a long way. We would advise you to use this in replacement for your usual salt, as it already contains salt itself.

.Asian Dishes It Goes Great On

  • Fried Rice
  • Stir-fries
  • Noodle Soups
  • Homemade Spice Bags

Other Things It’s Good With (Instead of Salt)

  • On Chips (fries)
  • Use It to Season Vegetables or Meat
  • Anything Else You Feel Like!

Something Less Salty?

Try the Mr Curry Black Bean Sauce.


Use this as if it were, and in replacement of salt. If you are on a low salt diet or in any doubt, consult your doctor before using. While it says ‘low in salt’, we mean that by comparison to regular salt, because it additionally contains dried rice particles, herbs and spices.

If you find any unique ways of using it, let us know by sending us a picture via our Facebook page, we will post it on our upcoming blog!

Enjoy cooking!

One thought on “Mr Curry’s Spice Shakes

  1. Had a mate from Ireland bring back some authentic Chinese curry all I can say I wish they sold it here in Australia bloody amazing 👏 😀


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